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Benefits of Spray Tanning

Does the cooler weather have you stuck in a rut with nothing to do but reflect on how pale you are? It's time for a spray tan!

Spray tanning packs a number of skin benefits, including:

A Sun-Free, Damage-Free Glow

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, one in five American adults will have a skin cancer diagnosis by the time they are 70. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun is a major factor in the development of skin cancer. Repeated sun exposure can damage the skin over time and lead to skin cancer, wrinkles, skin discoloration, and noticeable sun damage spots. The bright side is you can still achieve beautifully bronzed skin without risking the adverse side effects of the sun when you choose a spray tan. Spray tans offer a completely UV-free way to get a summer glow year-round.

Kiss Signs of Aging Goodbye

In addition to increasing the risk of cancer and skin damage, regular UVA and UVB ray exposure can lead to premature aging of the skin. Sun exposure causes wrinkles, pigmentation marks, and rough leathery skin. The sun can also cause the skin to lose its natural elasticity faster and thus cause loose, sagging skin around the cheeks and jawline in particular. Why risk that when you can achieve a damage-less glow with a spray tan?

Quickly and Painlessly Cover Up Skin Imperfections

There's a reason some people live by the motto "if you can't tone it, tan it." A nice tan can cover up skin flaws, including stretch marks, cellulite, spider veins, and scars, in addition to creating a more even overall skin tone and a glow. A spray tan, especially on people with very pale skin, can even hide small pimples and other minor skin imperfections.

Instant Results

You don't have to wait until the sun comes back out and then spend days on end baking out in the sun to achieve a tan with a spray tan. Instead, you can leave with a bronze glow in as little as 10 minutes.

Hydrate and Rejuvenate Your Skin

At Wink, our VersaSpa Pro spray tan contains a blend of Chlorellagen, Mitostime, and Pheohydrane to detoxify, firm, rejuvenate and hydrate skin.

Achieve an Even, Natural Looking Tan

We've all been there: applying self-tanner to our skin with hopes of achieving a beautiful glow when in reality, we are left looking like a streaky, orange mess. Spray tanning produces even coverage with much less risk of streaking than tanning lotions do. This is because the spray tan uses a fine mist to evenly spray a tanning solution. Even better, spray tan technology has advanced past the orange glow spray tans of days past.

Achieve an Instant Confidence Boost

A lot of us feel more beautiful when we have a tan— and there's nothing wrong with that! A spray tan helps you achieve that post-beach glow without risking irreparable damage to your skin. So you can take the confidence boost that comes with a beautiful, glowing tan without worrying about skin damage.

Ready to get out of your winter rut and transform yourself into a glowing, bronze goddess? Contact us today for a spray tan appointment.


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