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Wink MEGA VOLUME Lashes!

Introducing our newest baby, MEGA VOLUME! We are beyond excited to be able to offer this new and amazing service to the women of St. Louis. Not only do these lashes offer insane fullness but, the longevity is unmatched. Welcome to a whole new caliber of lashes ladies...

© Wink MEGA VOLUME Lash Extensions

What sets these lashes apart from the rest?

The best thing about having lash extensions is that you no longer need to wear mascara, you can wake up bright eyed and ready to take on the day, and even better...less makeup to have to put on. The issues some women have with traditional styles of lash extensions tend to be the maintenance and not being able to achieve enough fullness even with extensions. These lashes offer a solution to both problems! Because we are able to apply so many wispy fans to your lash line, the extensions appear to shed much less and last longer. Why? They are supporting each other like best friends and the bonding process is better and sturdier. Fills can be scheduled at 3 week intervals which mean less trips to the lash bar.

Are looks customized depending on the person?

The short end of answer is YES! These lashes are tackled in a much different way than the rest. Being that they are SO full, we advise keeping the length on the shorter side. No need to look like a Vegas Show girl whilst dropping your kid off at school. You can achieve a stunning lash line that won't make every woman stare at you in disbelief. Our MEGA lashes come in lengths ranging from 8mm-12mm and customization is key. We can give the illusion of a more open eye, a swooped out cat eye, or a naturally shaped structure that will compliment all eye shapes. This often times hides the dreaded "hooded eye" offering lift and shadowing from the many luscious fans that are applied.

Budget Friendly?

Girls, these lashes are the Bentley, not the Chevy. That being said, there are ways you can have Mega's in your life and spend close to the same amount you were spending on tradtional extensions if you factor your time and frequency of visits. A full set runs $350 and yes, while it is an investment for sure, keep in mind that they last longer. Coming in at 3 weeks the fill will run you $175. Per year that is about 17 fills. If you were to invest in 2D lashes for instance, they would cost $120 for a full set and then every two weeks you would have scheduled fills at $65 or possibly need to come in weekly for Quick Fix fills for some extra TLC. That's about 26 fills per year, maybe more if you are rough on them. In the end it equals a $760 difference per year roughly minus 9-10 visits and heartache from sad looking lash extensions. Definitely worth the investment for serious lash connoisseurs!



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