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$25 per session

Premium, Professional-Grade Ingredients

  • Eco-Certified DHA: the active ingredient most often used in all sunless tanners. The DHA in VersaSpa is naturally derived, provided by the #1 DHA supplier in the world to assure purity and quality, and is certified by a 3rd party.

  • Eco-Certified Erythrulose: naturally-derived, active ingredient in VersaSpa that helps the tan last longer and is certified by a 3rd party.

  • Dimethyl Isosorbide (DMI): helps the tan solution properly absorb into the skin for a deeper and even tan.

  • Marine Algae: a blend of Chlorellagen, Mitostime, and Pheohydrane to detoxify, firm, and hydrate skin to rejuvenate skin and helps produce a beautiful sunless tan.

  • Paraben Free: Parabens are not used as preservatives in VersaSpa products.

  • Gluten Free: VersaSpa products are free from wheat protein for allergy conscious users.

  • Cruelty Free: VersaSpa products are developed by methods that do not involve experimentation on animals. 

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