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All time frames and pricing for all services may vary based on each individual technician.

All Booking is completed through each provider's online portal.

You can find each provider's information by visting "provider search" above. Please contact your provider directly for all questions.



Lash timing and pricing varies by provider.
Full Sets run 2-3 hours on average 
Lash Fills run 1-2 hours on average


Natural Volume Full Set


A light, pretty set of eyelash extensions that looks completely natural and enhances your eyes.

These lashes are loved by our more mature clientele or those with weak natural lashes.

It will feel like you’re wearing nothing at all, yet still makes your eyes pop.

Maximum & Mega Volume Full Set


These lashes are long, very full and extremely glamorous! We require healthy, strong natural lashes as the extensions used in this set require a strong base.  Our Maximum Volume sets appeal to those who are in search of some va-voom!

We use a range of lashes in different lengths and curls to give you that dark lash line effect. 

Hybrid Volume Full Set


This look is customized to suit your natural lashes depending on your eye shape and face shape. It creates that darker ‘eyeliner’ look through a fuller volume and length of lash extension.






(3 weeks)



(all lash styles)

30 min | $50+

45 min | $65+ 

Lash Extension Removal


Safe removal of ONLY our brand of lash extensions using our specially formulated gel lash remover. 


Cannot book online.

 Please call us directly to schedule.

You need a quick emergency fill in of lashes, this is for you! Some of us are a little harder on our lashes and they need some TLC. Gentle cleaning and application of lashes. We only apply 20% lashes for this service. If more lashes are needed, please book a regular fill.


Cannot book online.

 Please call us directly to schedule.



A new and advanced lash perming method that incorporates keratin, is safer and more effective than traditional lash perms. This treatment is a great alternative for clients who do not prefer the maintenence of lash extensions and desire a long lasting curl alternative for their natural lashes.

Includes tinting and Nourishing Treatment

Lasts 6-8 weeks!

Lash Tinting


Using Vegi based dye, lashes are tinted adding superior definition. Color lasts 3-4 weeks.



1.5-3 hours

3D Eyebrow Sculpting is a manual method of depositing a small amount of organic pigments in the outer layer of skin without reaching the dermis. The needle used in the manual microblading is 3x thinner than those used in permanent makeup procedures which creates very fine, crisp hair strokes that soften after healing. If it is needed, we can add "shading"  to the Microblading. Shading combined with three dimensional Microblading is sometimes needed to create density than Microblading alone. It is still very natural looking and with the option of dual color tones we can create a natural look. This procedure takes 1.5-2 hours for the first application. During this time, we will go over color, shape, measurements, and healing. Numbing cream is used before and during the procedure to maintain comfort. Aftercare kit and instructions included. Includes your 4-6 week touch up application. This is our opportunity to build upon the healed strokes from the first application in order to build density, adjust, and add color. We love touch up time as it really completes that perfect brow! 


(Touch-up offered within 12 weeks of first application.)


$600 ~ Master Brow Stylist

Nano Powder Brows or Combo Brows

1.5-3 hours

Nano Powder Brows have gained popularity as a soft yet filled in look for the brows that lasts a bit longer than Microblading. This type of eyebrow is created using a permanent cosmetics device and requires 2 applications. We have recently added our more three- dimensional option called "Combo Brows" to the line-up which combines the look of hair strokes blended with the filled in definition of the powder brows. The results are a more natural looking and fluffy eyebrow than powder alone could create. This procedure takes about 2 hours for the first application. During this time, we will go over color, shape, measurements, and healing. Numbing cream is used before and during the procedure to maintain comfort. Aftercare kit and instructions included. Includes your 6-8 week touch up application. This is our opportunity to build upon the design from the first application in order to build density, adjust, and add color. We love touch up time as it really completes that perfect brow!


(Touch-up offered within 12 weeks of first application.)


$700 ~ Nano Powder or Combo Brows

Color Boost Application

1-2 hours


Your Microblading needs a pick-me-up? Boost application will include redesign if needed, color refresh, and aftercare kit. Typically done within 12-18 months of your last application. If previous Microblading has lightened too much or was previously done elsewhere, you may be subject to full first application pricing or additional applications at an additional cost.

$300 ~ Master Brow Stylist

Brow ReShaping


Experienced technician removes unwanted hair from the brow area using warm wax and detail shapes using tweezers and scissors to reveal a beautiful shape. Definition with tinted brow pomade included.

WINK Brow Lamination 


Brow Lamination by WINK will set your brow hairs in a more uniform shape and offer supreme fullness for up to 6 weeks! We start with a three step process of setting your brow hairs using a special technique, we then tint the brows, and finally shape the brows using tweezing, waxing, or trimming. This service is great for many types/thicknesses of brows but, we highly suggest scheduling a complimentary brow consult prior to booking.



Hybrid Henna creates high definition brows for the gal who desires a more filled in and bold brow!

This innovative formula helps to strengthen hair, promote growth and restore the natural shape and condition of the eyebrows while providing a staining of the skin that has superior staying power.

Includes brow shaping.

Also great for special occasions, vaca, or if you are interested in Microblading but, wish to test out a new shape first.



We are excited to bring you this treatment which includes a complete reshape, tint, and wax using  golden shimmer hard wax. Your brows are trimmed, tweezed and defined! Tint lasts 7 days on the skin and 3 weeks on the hair.

Medi Skin Spa

NEW  Radio Frequency Microneedling 
$350+ ~ 1 Hr.

Welcome to the next level in Microneedling!


Microneedling with radiofrequency uses the added technology of flow needles to deliver radiofrequency energy into the dermis. The radiofrequency energy heats the dermis, causing collagen production and tissue tightening. 

The treatment consists in inserting 24k micro needles into the skin distanced a few mm between each other and delivering Radio Frequency energy into the skin for a few milliseconds.

• Improving the appearance of atrophic scars. 


• Smoothing and a brightening skin rejuvenation effect.

• Skin tightening effects.

• Improves the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles. 

• Stretch mark smoothing.

• Treats sun damage by correcting pigmentation due to collagen regeneration.

• Improves the appearance of red veins due to the thermal/coagulation effect of the radio frequency.

• Improves the appearance of enlarged pores.

Enzyme Renewal Treatment

$175+ ~ 1 Hr.

This treatment uses a hard setting face mask that is applied from the neck over the face. The powerful mask contains living enzymes that stimulate naturally occurring enzymes within the skin to accelerate the cellular processes. 


Upon setting it creates a downward pressure and pulsating action. That stimulates the circulatory system to pump fresh oxygenated blood throughout the capillaries, dilating them and creating a Plasmatic Effect. Plasmatic = Plasma + Blood. Nutrients from freshly oxygenated blood have been delivered to the skin cells. This essentially provides a spring clean to the skin. In addition to bringing the good it also removes the bad; detoxifying, moving stagnant blood and dead cell material through the lymphatic system.

Our Enzyme Renewal Treatment is unlike any other treatment you've experienced. It’s a complete skin revision process that rebuilds and restores the healthy functioning of the skin at a cellular level. A stark contrast to other methods which strip and peel the skin providing purely surface layer treatment. Enzyme therapy was designed to restore homeostasis to the skin and deliver long term results. This facial includes Dermaplaning and LED Light Therapy to give the ultimate Red Carpet glow.


Blueberry Smoothie (add -on)


A deliciously refreshing scrub that invigorates the skin with the use of a gentle acid. Active blueberry extracts exfoliate the skin to restore a youthful glow without visible irritation. This resurfacing treatment is an exceptional acne treatment and great add-on to any service.

Pomegranate Peel (add-on)


Pomegranate Peel works to even out the top layers of the skin and mildly stimulate collagen while potent antioxidants prevent free radical damage. This treatment is a fantastic add-on to any service.

Blueberry Jessner


A self-neutralizing peel with exceptional acne-drying properties that also reduces  fine lines and improves the appearance of mature, aging skin. It modifies and lightens epidermal pigmentary conditions. The addition of blueberry aids in controlling the post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation associated with a traditional Jessner peel. 

Pen Microneedling 
$200+ ~ 1 Hr.

This innovative procedure is minimally invasive with little down time while stimulating collagen and elastin production in the skin. This treatment uses a device with fine needles that create tiny punctures on the in the top layer of the skin which triggers the body to create new collagen and elastin. Results include improved texture and firmness as well as reduction in scars, pore size, and stretch marks. Your skin will never feel the same!


$70+ ~ 45 min.

Using a special blade, your Esthetician will cleanse, remove all surface dead skin cells, and peach fuzz from the face. This treatment is a fantastic surface exfoliation procedure perfect for regular maintenance as well as before a special event for silky smooth skin. 

HydroJelly Facial 

"wink signature facial "

$120+ ~ 1 Hr.

Our HydroJelly facial will leave your skin radiant and smooth! HydroJelly Masks are insanely popular due to their ability to lock in moisture and combat various skin conditions while leaving the skin with a refreshed barrier. They are designed to also be applied to the eyelids and lips making this treatment a complete facial experience. Before our signature facial, your skin is firstly assessed by one of our licensed skin professionals. After a careful consultation we will customize our facial by blending a special mix of HydroJelly for your specific skin conditions. Relax and unwind while we include a deep cleansing, gentle dermaplaning to remove dead skin, application of custom serums and a rejuvenating light therapy session. 

Skin RX Facial


Our Skin Rx Facial is fully customizable! This facial is a great option if you are in need of a professional to help guide you in achieving the glowing skin of your dreams. There are many skin treatments offered at Wink and it can be difficult to know which treatment will yield the best results for your specific skin concerns. Our Esthetican's will evaluate your skin, discuss treatment options with you and create a facial that you will love. Starting at $80-200 based on treatments chosen. 

Clarity Facial


Reduce the look of breakouts and control excess oil for clearer, healthier skin. This facial instantly helps to reduce excess oil, the appearance of redness and deep cleans to remove pore-clogging impurities. Using only the most gentle yet, effective products by Cosmedix and high frequency to zap unwanted bacteria. The Clarity Facial is excellent for anyone experiencing breakouts and safe for teens too. 



Waxing Services

Brow Tweeze (no wax)~ $20+

Brow Wax ~ $25+

Underarm ~ $30+

Lip ~ $15+

Chin ~ $20+






Benefit Peel


CosMedix Benefit Peel is a gentle but effective Retinol skin peel that is suitable for all skin conditions. Classed as a 'Metabolic Peel', it's a great alternative to traditional acid peels. Using a combination of Vitamin A in the form of 10% encapsulated Retinol AGP and Vitamin C in the form of 20% L-Ascorbic Acid. CosMedix Benefit Peel brightens, remodels and strengthens the skin from within. 

Essential Peptide Peel


Manage the visible signs of aging with a blend of potent active ingredients to reveal smoother, younger-looking skin. This gentle, metabolic treatment offers exfoliation with

L-Lactic Acid and encapsulated Retinol to help reduce the look of aging skin and to help unveil a brighter and more supple complexion.

Clarity Peel


This multipurpose face peel gently whisks away dull surface skin to help refine the look of pores and restore a more even tone and texture. Formulated with a powerhouse of cutting-edge retinoids, 2% Salicylic Acid and botanical ingredients, Clarity Peel adds a burst of balanced hydration to the skin while helping to minimize the appearance of acne for a complexion that looks vibrantly renewed.

Timeless Peel


An effective and medium-depth peel to dramatically reduce the visible signs of aging. Timeless Peel contains 30% chirally corrected AGP Complex (L-retinol A) to generate immense activity in the skin. This enormously effective deep peel works to restore growth of healthy, young skin cells, increases cell turnover and removes layers of dead skin. Timeless Peel also increases the skin’s moisture level to give an age-defying,  smooth-textured complexion. (includes required pre kit)

Deep Sea Peel


CosMedix Deep Sea Peel is medium-depth, acid-free peel. A potent, non-acid peel that is herbal and plant-based to help generate collagen and stimulate deeper changes in the skin. Effective at treating all skin conditions, including melasma / hyperpigmentation, acne, skin impurities, mild acne scarring, environmental / sun damage, premature aging, fine lines, wrinkles and helps to improve skin circulation. (includes required pre kit)

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