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Microblading Myths

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Over the course of the past 5 years we have been endlessly learning and improving not only our technique but, the quality of every product or instrument used in our Microblading process. From testing over 6 of the top pigment companies to creating our own brand of disposable microblading blades, we have created the best combination and have achieved the results we were searching for. The Microblading industry as a whole is considered newer to the US but, there are advances in the industry every year which is very exciting! After about 10,000+ applications as a company, we have come to understand that are many misconceptions out there regarding this topic. Yes, there is more than one way to cook an egg so, while we may not find conflicting information to work for us, we try to keep an open mind.

Microblading Stl

Top 3 Biggest Myths

  1. Microblading is SO painful!

  2. Microblading will fix severe unevenness in my brows.

  3. Once I get Microblading, I never have to fill them in with makeup.


Microblading is SO Painful!

The truth: Microblading does not have to be painful. In fact, 95% of our clients claim that it is very tolerable or that they cannot feel it at all. Granted, towards the end of the procedure the area may feel a bit tender, it is not considered painful by our clients. When we consult prior to the procedure many of our clients will express that their main concern is pain. That got us thinking... where is this coming from? There is so much information out there on this topic and often times you have to consider the source. Maybe these people had a technician who was heavy handed, they used too thick of a needle, the client has a resistance to numbing agents or the numbing agent used wasn't strong enough. Either way, because someone had an experience it most certainly does not mean your experience will be the same. Doing loads of research and contacting referrals for an operator or company is imperative. It is your face after all!

Microblading will fix severe unevenness in my brows.

Yes, Microblading WILL fix unevenness! However, things to consider when deciding that Microblading will solve all of the issues are these main points:

1. How uneven are your brows? Are we talking a tiny bit or is it severe? There are many measurements we take in order to determine the proper placement of your brows. Based on these measurements we can guide you and offer suggestions on ways we can tackle it.

2. Do you have a very dominant brow muscle that moves with every expression thus lifting one eyebrow excessively? These tend to be tougher cases because you have two options- you can get Botox to relax that muscle and get that brow to cooperate or you can fix the imbalance with microblading. This is so case by case and fixing with Microblading is great for those individuals who are happy with an 80% improvement in the placement. The fact is that the muscle will continue to move and the brow will continue to raise if this is the case.

3. If deciding to fix this issue with Microblading, definitely keep in mind that your technician will have to create a brow where one does not exist and that will mean going outside of the hairline quite a bit. That just means that keeping up on the maintenance of the Microblading will be crucial especially through the fading that occurs over the course of a year or 2.

Once I get Microblading, I never have to fill them in with makeup.

This one we get all of the time! Yes, the goal in doing this procedure is obviously to have fuller brows so that you no longer have to spend extra time trying to create them daily. We have wonderful healed results that end in crisp strokes that fill in the brows beautifully however, if you are a regular makeup wearer who has always filled in your brows, you WILL be inclined to make them more dramatic upon applying full face makeup. The point of Microblading is to create a natural look to the brows... to be undetectable. Now, if replacing makeup is your biggest goal, we always suggest to schedule Blading & Shading. With this combo technique, we are able to create density while still maintaining dimension. Blocky and precisely designed brows may be all the rage right now but, we have seen a new trend on the rise and it's gearing more towards fluffy, full, and natural. Trends change and even though Microblading is considered semi-permanent, there are definitely clients that retain the pigment much longer than 2 years. Just food for thought!


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