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Spring clean your skincare

Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget Your Skincare Routine!

Spring has (finally) sprung, and you may be focused on cleaning out your garage, planting new flowers, and raking countless amounts of leaves from your pool. But, don’t forget to spring clean your skincare routine too. The new season is the perfect time to take inventory of your skincare products and throw away those products that you haven’t used in months or even years to make room on your counter and in your budget for some new, effective products and treatments that will have you kissing your dead, dull winter skin goodbye!

Melt Away Dull Winter Skin with a Skin Renewing Peel

Full-coverage foundation and warm spring days just don’t go together. Renew your skin with COSMEDIX facial peel and let your natural beauty shine through without the need to continually cover up your skin with foundations, powders, and concealers. The COSMEDIX Clarity Peel is the perfect tool to gently whisk away dull surface skin and leave you with a more even skin tone and texture. Formulated with a powerhouse of cutting-edge retinoids, 2% Salicylic Acid and botanical ingredients, the Clarity Peel adds a burst of much-needed balanced hydration to the skin while helping to minimize the appearance of acne for a complexion that looks vibrantly renewed.

Usher in the New Season with a Renewed Focus on Your Skin

We all know that it can often be hard to love the skin we’re in. The good news is, a few minor changes and commitments to your skin will leave you feeling more confident and radiant than ever before. At Wink iBoutique, we offer our COSMEDIX peels and facials in series of four peels— allowing you to stretch both your budget and commitment to self-care and healthy skin. Whether you want something light like a pomegranate or blueberry smoothie peel or something more heavy-duty like the Timeless Peel that contains 30% chirally corrected AGP Complex (L-retinol A) to generate immense activity in the skin, Wink iBoutique has got options for skincare needs and goals of all kinds.

Supplement Your At-Home Spa with Professional-Grade Facials and Peels

If you’re anything like us, your bathroom has been basically converted to an in-home spa during quarantine. If the pandemic and subsequent closures and restrictions have forced you to rely on (and start to love) at-home treatments, we recommend supplementing your at-home skincare masks, scrubs, and facials with a few professional services to achieve your best skin. Our HyrdroJelly Facial, for example, can be customized to meet your unique skincare concerns and goals. The masks are wildly popular due to their ability to lock in moisture and combat various skin conditions while leaving the skin with a refreshed barrier. They are designed to also be applied to the eyelids and lips, making this treatment a complete facial experience. Before the facial, our team of licensed skin professionals will assess your skin and create a custom facial designed especially for you. HydroJelly Facials include:

  • A deep cleansing

  • Dermaplaning to remove dead winter skin

  • The curation of custom serums

  • A rejuvenating light therapy session

Dispose of Any Products You Haven’t Used in One Year

Finally, it wouldn’t be spring cleaning without getting rid of some products you no longer use. Whether you’ve found new products after having ample time to research in quarantine, or your skin needs have changed— there’s no sense keeping that bottle of night cream in the back of your cupboard if you haven’t touched it in six months to one year.

For all of your skincare questions, concerns, and needs, count on the licensed and experienced staff at Wink iBoutique— St.Louis’ skincare experts.


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