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Welcome to the Wink Blog!

Ahhhh! This is our first ever blog and we are so excited! Sharing tips, tricks, and beauty advice is what we are all about. We invite others in the lash and beauty industry to join and hopefully we can build a community of clients and professionals alike. We would love your feedback and suggestions in topic choices as we delve into this new journey with you.

Who are we? Wink iBoutique Lash & Brow Bar offers Lash, Brow & Skin services out of two beautiful locations in St. Louis, Missouri. We have been trail blazing the latest beauty trends in the area and have loved to see how the beauty industry has grown and flourished into what it is today! Being supportive of others in our industry has helped us to build a beautiful following of creative and inspiring people. Our goal is to bring us all together to bounce ideas, debunk myths, and share amazing fashion and beauty advice. After all... we do this all day everyday with our clients and love it!

Follow your heart.

Beginning this new blog has been something we have wanted to do for some time. Finding the time however was a challenge! We have been very involved in the building of our brand, reputation, advanced training and most importantly, offering amazing services to our guests. Staying ahead of the curve and bringing newly innovative services to our guests has required lots of devotion but, doing so makes our hearts full. We will always continue to bring honest and helpful information to you! #followyourheart

Blog topics coming up!

Here are a few upcoming blogs. We decided to start of with a bang and release 2 posts:

  • MEGA Volume Lashes

  • Microblading Myths

We will be bringing you new Blog posts weekly! Skip the FOMO and make sure to subscribe to get all of the latest updates and info! We will be covering topics from beauty services to latest style and tends.


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